Barbara Philipp

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Barbara Philipp

Barbara Philipp is a visual artist who works with drawing, painting and performances. Drawing is for her a form of visual diary about her life as a mother artist, embedded in different cultures and languages. To give the drawings a shelter, the right form for her can be in an artist book or in a wooden doll house installation.

Her inspiration is located in her social and natural environment, in language and communication. In her work she explores the ephemeral nature of the physical being and its projections and interpretations in society. Her rising awareness for mother artist issues found its origin in the reading group about motherhood, organised by founding director of the international m/other voices foundation Deirdre M. Donoghue.

She loves to collaborate and discover other artist perspectives. In collaboration with the Tomorrow Girls Troop (TGT), an activist and feminist group in Japan, she gave a lecture performance called Mother Artist in Action in Tokyo. Barbara Philipp also contributed with a performance about bonding at the Mothers in Arts project of Csilla Klenyanszki and wrote in collaboration with the women activist, feminist and artist Shira Richter for the wall newspaper Ausreisser.

Austrian born Barbara studied in Vienna ( Akademie der Bildenden Künste) , Paris (èsnba) and Frankfurt ( Städelschule) and finished the master program of the Dutch Art Institute (DAI). Since then she is living and working in the Netherlands.

Her works has been shown internationally and since the first lockdown she runs an intervention place in her studio, called Viennese Coffee House.