Under the canopy of the forest by Tatiana Stupnikova

As a woman and a mother, the first quarantine in 2020 was very difficult for me and my family. Even parks were closed in Ukraine, and children were forbidden to walk in playgrounds. My daughter spent three months at home. During these three months, her health was greatly shaken – the doctor diagnosed scoliosis, which did not exist in the days before covid, when she could still play sports.

Of course, we got the opportunity to communicate more, but the child needs more friends, not just parents.

The result of this quarantine was my work Under the canopy of the forest. At first I just wanted to draw cute chicks. But the oppressive threat that hung over us for so long found a way out in this picture.

Tatiana Stupnikova, Under the canopy of the forest, Acrylic on canvas, 50x60cm, 2020

It seems to us that the children are safe until we begin to peer into the forest behind them. And, unfortunately, none of us is able to protect them from reality. Especially – post-imaginary reality, where they were locked at home, left without help in solving psychological and physiological problems.

But I must say that, as an artist, I have grown a lot over this year. I learned to set goals and objectives – I had time to think about my work. Think about what I want to share: my hopes and experiences, my vision of reality.

Unfortunately, I am a person with disabilities, so it is also very difficult for me to live and work in conditions of limited medical care and without access to sports. But I am sure that we need difficulties in order to become stronger, overcoming them.

So I live with hope for creative success and the continuation of the development of my career as an artist.

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