Helen Sargeant


Helen Sargeant

Helen’s practice includes autobiographical writing, drawings, painting, performance and time based media. Her work has been published in books and journals and she has presented her work at international conferences. She makes work about the maternal body and her experiences of mothering. Her work aims to challenge idealised representations of the mother and make visible their caring work. Through her arts practice she also aims to communicate with honesty the complexities of emotions felt by women who mother.

Helen enjoys collaborating with her son’s to make work and in 2016 she took part in an international arts residency M(other) & Son to Tampere, Finland funded by the Arts Council and supported by We Are Resident project. In 2017 she self funded a residency to The Mothership in Dorset called PLAY AWAY.

Helen loves to collaborate with other artists and produce projects with the aim of building community and resilience for artists in the maternal art movement. In 2014 she initiated The Egg The Womb The Head and The Moon an interdisciplinary online blog that mirrored the 9 month duration of a pregnancy, which culminated in a group show at The David Wright Gallery in Hebden Bridge. Helen is also an active member of the Desperate Artwives collective.

In 2020 Helen founded Maternal Art to help support, promote, publish and sell work by women, artist/mothers. She has also created Maternal Art Magazine and the first edition was published in August 2020; a response by 24 established and emerging artists to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Image Credit: MWM, Motherhood & Making – Portraits in Lockdown, Viola Depcik