Jessica Timmis


Jessica Timmis

As a child I drew and wrote on hundreds of bits of paper. I think I found it comforting. When I was about 13 I discovered I could make things look realistic if I tried really hard and sometimes I started to use art to gain recognition. Sometimes I used it more consciously to express my feelings. It started to hold several functions.   

I did my Art Foundation at Barnsley College and went on to study for a BA (Hons) in Art: Practice and Theory at Lancaster. University  I got a 2.1 writing my dissertation about art as autobiography which correlated with the themes in my paintings.  I went on to study at Leeds University on the MA: Feminism and Visual Arts with Griselda Pollock. I got an AHRB grant to do this which I still feel lucky to have been awarded today. I got a distinction in 2002. 

In 2003 I became a mother and my life changed again. I suppose my career has been a conversation between the roles of artist and mother which is currently gaining in momentum.  In 2017 after the birth of my daughter, I was shortlisted for the Procreate Mother Art Prize. 

I am currently in the process of  developing my art practice to include new elements which feels extremely exciting.  I am also a practicing Art Psychotherapist.