Breakout- Maternal Art Blog – Series 2 – OPEN CALL

Breakout – Maternal Art Blog – Series 2 – OPEN CALL

Slowly we are emerging from our homes, the children are going back to school, more and more of us have received our first COVID-19 vaccination. Soon we will be able to catch up with family and friends we have not been able to see, touch and hug. Be physically closer to strangers and to make connections in the real world as opposed to behind a screen-world. Have the time, space and mental energy to make, encounter art in gallery, and exhibition spaces once again.

What are your hopes, dreams and desires for making art in this post-pandemic world? What are your fears, concerns and anxieties? Do you think that there will be change for the better in society and that women’s labour and care work will become more valued? Do you think the work of artists will become more valued? Can you imagine a better future for women artists and artists who are mothers ?

We want to hear about you and your arts practice through creatively responding to the above prompts and ideas? To submit a blog post to Maternal Art please email with the subject line BREAKOUT to receive the  submission guidelines. Deadline is Friday 23 rd April 2021.