Hopes, dreams and desires…why not a reality ? by Michelle Gallagher

In the utopia of my head…there is gender balance, no distinction between the sexes, equal pay, equal chores, equal
value, equal voice.

Imagination is the force that drives everything..be it art, science, music…imagination is the source.

Michelle Gallagher, Patron Saint of House Keeping, cabinet door and pen, 99x47cm, 2021

As a young child I remember sitting daydreaming, inventing worlds in my head. I grew up in a family of women…my father
was the odd one out. My mother was the ‘Boss’ the one who had the final say. All 3 girls were raised to believe we could
do anything we wished our gender had nothing to do with it…

Unfortunately society may have thought differently…but why are we still banging the drum for Respect.

Michelle Gallagher, Tools of the Trade, Risograph, 42x30cm, 2021

Why are we waiting for society to change and adapt for us. ? Women are the backbone and the majority. Through our
behavior, drive and imagination we are the change. When I look at history..the suffragettes and other women who fought
for their rights, our rights I am grateful.

Michelle Gallagher, Contemporary Goddess, stoneware, glaze, underglaze, luster, 6x17x21cm, 2021.

What would happen if women all over the world went on a universal strike…mops down ! Perhaps this is how we finally
get gender equality, equal pay, equal value.

Why are we still asking for permission to be accepted?

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